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New Flat 3x6

  • Mã sản phẩm: VC-3RSX6F 3-shader*6flat-groups 3.5mm
  • Giá: 350.000 vnđ
  • The VS new series flat cartridges needles go surpassed the imagination of some professional tattoo artists during their research. this revolutionize Round Shader -Flat Cartridges needles is form, by combining a bunch of round shaders into a range of round shaders. it have 40% better colour absorption and is capable of delivering fluent ink flow over the skin. (Wider) Greater and Smoother Colour Application. The structure change over the cartridges has been optimized the ink dispersion and enrich the ink saturation by 20% over the skin. (Either with the black or colour ink) With this round shader flat cartridges, it now takes less time for color packaging during the tattoo process.
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